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MIDI Input is not recording into Performer or DP

  • Make sure the MIDI input light of your MIDI interface is lighting up when you play the keyboard. If it is not, check you have a MIDI cable going out of the keyboard into the interface.
  • Try a different MIDI cable.
  • Make sure your keyboard is setup to local off mode, and setup to send out MIDI notes.
  • Check that the interface and MIDI keyboard is properly configured in FreeMIDI, OMS, or Audio MIDI Setup.
  • Try "Check Connections" in FreeMIDI, "Test Studio" in OMS, or "Test Setup" in Audio MIDI Setup (Panther only) to see if the signal is getting that far.
  • Check that Input Filter and View Filter have "set all" checked in DP or Performer.
  • Check that you are not in Multirecord mode, or if you are in Multirecord that you have specified the specific input and channel your controller is transmitting on.