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FreeMIDI 1.4, OMS Compatibility Mode and ProTools Sync

Digital Performer 3 ships with FreeMIDI 1.4 or later. This version includes OMS compatibility (not OMS emulation as in previous versions of FreeMIDI). OMS compatibility offers the advantage of the IAC bus (interapplication sync with other OMS applications).

Here's the setup for syncing Performer/Digital Performer with ProTools using FreeMIDI 1.4x:

  1. Before installing FreeMIDI 1.4x (the latest version can be found on, make sure you have OMS 2.3.6 or later installed on your computer. FreeMIDI 1.4x needs to install components to the system folder/OMS folder. If you installed OMS after installing FreeMIDI 1.4x, you'll need to reinstall FreeMIDI to update these components. Especially if you're using a MOTU interface.
  2. Make sure the OMS extension is enabled in your extensions manager.
  3. Launch OMS and create an OMS Studio setup document. Make sure the IAC bus is enabled in your OMS setup.
  4. In the Edit menu choose OMS MIDI setup. Make sure Run MIDI in background is enabled.
  5. Quit OMS and launch FreeMIDI. From the File menu/FreeMIDI preferences check the box for Use OMS when available. The next time you launch FreeMIDI or a FreeMIDI application your current configuration will be your OMS Studio Setup.
  6. Launch Performer/Digital Performer.
  7. From the Basics menu choose receive sync. Set the sync port to the IAC bus and sync type to MTC. In the Basics menu choose Slave to External Sync. Press the play button in the transport window so that it's waiting for sync. From the file menu/preferences verify "play in background" is selected.
  8. Launch ProTools. In the session setup window check MTC to port and choose the IAC bus.

When you play ProTools Performer/Digital Performer should slave in the background.