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Logic and MMC with the MTP AV

Here are the steps needed in order to get Logic recognize the MTP AV and the ADAT sync port. The MTP AV must be set to Internal Mode for this to work. If you are unsuccessful with this procedure, try reinitializing the MTP AV by holding down the Panic button while turning the unit on. This will set the MTPAV to it's factory default of Internal/48k. Note: You will lose any user Modifications that you have made to the interface when you perform a hard reset.

  1. From Logic’s transport bar, hold down the clock icon and choose Synchronization.
  2. From the General tab, set the Sync Mode to “MTC.” make sure the offset is set to the correct time to match up with your ADAT.
  3. From the MIDI tab, check the Send MMC box.
  4. From the Environment window, create a new Multi Instrument, enable eight tracks, give it a tape deck icon (icon #305 for the advanced user) and make sure it’s connected to the correct serial port. When you give a device a tape deck icon, this gives it the ability to send or receive MMC. You can connect it to any port number; since MMC is non-cablized, it does not need to be connected to a specific port. It can even share a port with another device without causing any problems.
  5. In the arrange window, create eight tracks and set them to be eight different parts. When you click on a track, it becomes record enabled. You can record enable many tracks by shift-clicking on more than one track. The ADAT will play, stop, locate, and respond to MMC from Logic.