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Fast forward and rewind with MDMs

Fast forward and rewind with ADATs and/or DA-88s using an External MMC device with the Digital Timepiece, the MIDI Timepiece AV, the Express XT, or the Micro Express:

Fast forward and rewind are not standard MMC messages. When using the fast forward or rewind transports with an LRC, a Mackie Digital 8 bus, an O2R/01v/03D, a Soundcraft Spirit, a VS 880, VS-1680 or any external MIDI device that generates MMC messages, fast forward and rewind will only transport tape machines in small increments. The reason the MTP AV, the DTP, the Express XT and the Micro can only respond to these messages in 10 second increments is due to the fact that each tape machine servo will run at different speeds. Fast forward and rewind messages do not have location associated with them. Therefore, if all your tape machines were to fast forward or rewind, they would most likely end up in different places. It's best to establish location points.