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Configuring DTP MMC Devices thru DP/Performer (OS 9)

1. Set up a DTP in FreeMIDI on a serial port, off a network port, or via MIDI. Configure all of your MMC devices off of this same port.

2. Open the Clockworks console and look in the device list, here you will see your DTP and a number next to it. This is the rom chip version in your unit. If this number is not 1.05, let us know and we will send you the latest ROM chip.

3. Open the Sync/MMC window. In this window you can see the soft ID#s that the DTP has assigned each device. This soft ID number is in parenthesis next to the device name. This ID# needs to be set as the ID# for each respective device in FreeMIDI. Also in the Sync/MMC window be sure to set the DTP to all the right parameters i.e. timebase and frame rate.

4. In DP/Performer, go to the Basics menu. Select “Slave to External Sync”. Choose “Receive Sync” and select the serial port, MTC and the correct frame rate.

5. Go to the Windows menu and choose “MIDI machine control”. Click in the DTP box to activate it, and in the mini menu choose “Set number of tracks”. This will bring up a dialog box, choose one track. You also need to set the number of tracks for the rest of your devices in this window. When using the MMC window to arm your tracks be sure that the DTP track is armed as well. Everything should be online and the arrow from the computer icon to the tape machine should be black. From this window you can record enable your MMC devices and DP/Performer will be the transport master.