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Locking Performer to a DA-88/SY-88 thru the MTP-AV

  1. Connect the DA-88/SY-88 via MIDI in/out to the MTP AV.
  2. In FreeMIDI create a Tascam MMC-88. Make sure you have the correct ID# set. Remember what port you have it connected to on the AV.
  3. In the MTP AV console go into the windows menu and choose cable routing. Draw a cable from the port the MMC-88 is on to the MTC in. In the computer view break the connection from the computer to the MMC in.
  4. In the Windows menu choose sync controls, the master clock should be MTC.
  5. In Performer in the Basics menu choose receive sync. Set sync to port to whatever serial port the MTP AV is in. Choose MTC as the type of sync, and set your frame rate.
  6. In the basics menu slave to external sync should be selected.
  7. Next go into the Windows menu and select Midi Machine Control. When you increase the size of the window you will see your MMC-88, make sure it says “on-line” next to it. Blacken the arrow and select your record mode. When you push play in Performer you will see the play button blink, it is waiting for timecode. This will allow you to locate any point in Performer and play from there.
  8. Set up the MMC-88 to receive MMC and Send MTC. In this setup, you can locate a point in Performer and send a message, the MMC-88 receives this and starts sending MTC, the AV locks to this and sends MTC to Performer. They are now both locked.