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Networking the MTP/AV USB

Any earlier model MIDI Timepiece can be networked with the MIDI Timepiece AV USB. If you are using Digital Performer, both MIDI Timpeieces will have MTS capabilities when the MTP/AV USB is connected via the USB connection. Follow the instructions below to setup the MTP/AV USB for a network.

  1. On the MTP/AV USB, turn the Window knob until you see GLOBAL HARDWARE SETUP.
  2. Turn the cursor knob to the right until NET PORT=MAC is blinking, and turn the valure knob to set this to NET PORT=MTP.
  3. Make the same settings on the second MTP in the network.
  4. Turn the cursor knob to the right until THIS BOX ID is blinking on the second MTP in the network. Use the value knob to set this to BOX 9-16.
  5. Under OS9: Open FreeMIDI and select Update Interfaces from the Configuration menu. Press the scan button for the port that the network is connected to. Under OSX: Open Audio MIDI Setup and click "Rescan MIDI".

If you experience any problems with FreeMIDI or Audio MIDI Setup recognizing the network, turn off all connected MIDI devices, and reset the MTPs by holding the Panic button in as you turn the power off, and then back on. You will need to repeat the above procedure for networking the MTPs. Please note that you need ROM 2.01 in your MTP/AV USB for networking. You will see the ROM version displayed on the MTP/AV LCD when you first power the unit on. If you have a ROM earlier than 2.01, please cotact MOTU technical support to request the latest ROM.