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VST Instruments in DP under OS 9

Digital Performer supports VST virtual instruments through the VST Wrapper plug-in by Audio Ease and also through the Pluggo shell. When using VST instruments in DP 3.11 and earlier, you may find the following information useful:

  • First, install the VST wrapper or Pluggo and the instrument plug-in in the VST Plug-ins folder. Then within DP create an auxiluary track and assign the Instrument plug-in to this track in the first insert. A MIDI instrument will now appear in the output choices for MIDI tracks in DP. Assign a track to this instrument and you're all set to begin playing.
  • You can save your different synth settings and load them between project just like any other effect.
  • To record the Virtual Instrument set the output of the aux track to a stereo bus and the input of a voice track to this same bus. Because MIDI does not play back during a bounce to disk you cannot bounce the output of the instrument until you have recorded the data in as audio just like any other MIDI instrument.
  • Note: In DP 2.7 do not open a MIDI track assigned to a Virtual Instrument in the drum editor as this will cause a loop preventing you from opening the file in the future.