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MOTU USB MIDI interfaces with Finale, Logic, Cubase, Studio Vision and other OMS applications

Attention Fastlane users: You will find all of the directions you need in your Fastlane packaging, between the cardboard housing and the outer box that your Fastlane is packaged in.

The first thing you should do is go to our downloads link and download the latest FreeMIDI installer if you have not done so. In order to use your MOTU USB MIDI interface with Logic, Cubase, Studio Vision or any other MIDI application other than Performer, Digital Performer, Unisyn, FreeStyle or Coda Finale you will need to use OMS. OMS is another MIDI operating system used (or can be used) by most MIDI applications. OMS is available as a download at Opcode's web site ( You can check with the manufacturer of your sequencer or your sequencers documentation to see whether you should be using FreeMIDI or OMS. You will also need to install the latest version of FreeMIDI to place the Fastlane drivers in your system folder. To use your MOTU USB MIDI Interface with OMS, you need to install FreeMIDI after OMS is installed. There are components in the FreeMIDI install that need to be placed into the OMS folder of the system folder (the MOTU OMS driver and the MOTU OMS USB driver). With these components present, you should be able to scan for your MOTU USB Interface in OMS.

Basic OMS directions: 1 Go to the Studio Menu > MIDI Cards &; Interfaces window.

  1. Leave "Printer" and "Modem" unchecked. Click Search.
  2. If you have followed the directions above OMS should now see your Fastlane. You can now continue to create devices in your OMS studio setup and connect them to your MOTU USB interface by going to the Studio menu and choosing New Device.

Your OMS Setup should emulate your physical MIDI connections. In the Studio menu you'll find the Test Studio function for troubleshooting your MIDI connections.

You can download a detailed Read Me for setting up your MOTU USB interface with Logic or Cubase.

Using a MOTU USB interface with Logic or Cubase