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MIDI Timecode (MTC) vs MIDI Beat Clocks

MIDI Timecode (MTC) and MIDI Beat Clocks are two different ways to sync MIDI devices. MTC is channelized, meaning that it is sent and received using one MIDI port; MIDI Beat Clocks are a system common message, which means that it is sent to all ports of a MIDI device.

Sometimes a MIDI clock loop can occur when transmitting or syncing to MIDI Beat Clocks. This can happen if you have a MIDI device that is connected to your interface via a Thru port - this will echo the beat clock messages back into the system and there will now be two clock sources. If you are having trouble when syncing to or transmitting MIDI beat clocks, try disconnecting all of your MIDI devices from your interface. If the problem goes away, reconnect them one at at time to determine which unit is introducing the problem.

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Note: AudioDesk does not have the option to sync to MIDI Beat Clocks.