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Freezing Instruments in a V-Rack

You can setup your sequences so freezing tracks in a V-Rack is only a few quick steps. In this example, we have a MIDI track in our sequence, and MachFive in a V-Rack.

  • In your V-Rack, assign MachFive's output to Bus 1-2
  • In your sequence, create an aux track with its input set to Bus 1-2. You will now hear MachFive's output through this aux track, through whatever output you have the aux track assigned to.
  • Now highlight the MIDI & aux tracks and use Audio menu > Freeze (or Control-Command-F) to print MachFive's output.

This setup is very analogous to using physical MIDI hardware, as in both cases there is a MIDI track, an aux track to monitor, and the instrument itself is "elsewhere" (in the case of MIDI hardware, it's in a studio rack; in this case with MachFive, it's in a V-Rack).

This also has the advantage of being able to mix entirely in your sequence, and also provide independent control in each sequence your project may have. That is, you can leave MachFive at unity gain & panned center in the V-Rack, and instead adjust the aux tracks in each of your sequences (you may also add automation to this aux track for volume, pan, etc.). Each aux track in each one of your sequences can have totally different volume & pan settings, as well as different plug-in effects.