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MachFive 3.2 validation issue in Digital Performer

Since updating to MachFive 3.2, I am no longer able to see the plugin in Digital Performer.

MachFive 3.2 requires the latest version of iLok License Manager to be installed. If this is not yet installed, the plugin may fail validation in Digital Performer 8. If you are unable see MachFive in DP8, follow these steps:

1. Visit Download and install iLok License Manager.

2. Launch DP and go to Preferences > General > Audio Plug-ins.

3. Locate and select the MachFive 3 plug-in in the plug-in list (make sure to find it in your primary format). Click the “Reexamine” button beneath the list.

Once you have completed the above, you should see “Passed” appear next to the plugin. Click “Done” to close the Preferences. DP will reload the audio engine and find MachFive 3.