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My computer does not see my MOTU FireWire interface

  • Make sure the most current FireWire driver is installed; the latest drivers are available on our downloads page
  • For Macs, is the device seen by the System Profiler?
  • Disconnect all other FireWire devices.
  • Try connecting the unit to a different FireWire port on the computer.
  • Try using the second FireWire port on the back of the unit (note: the original 828 does not have a second FireWire port).
  • Test the FireWire ports on the computer by using another FireWire device (such as an external hard drive, FireWire CD burner, or another FireWire audio interface).
  • Try using another FireWire cable.
  • Try installing the unit on another computer, making sure to install the proper drivers first. The computer can be a laptop or desktop, Mac or PC.
  • Does the unit work when it is not connected to the computer? (note: the original 828/896 do not have a standalone mode)
  • For PCs, make sure you are using a FireWire card with a Texas Instrument (TI) or Lucent chip set