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Registering your MOTU product

Congratulations on your new purchase! The first thing you should do is register your new hardware or software so that you will be eligible to receive technical support and to be notified of future upgrades. To officially register your MOTU product, use our online registration form at Alternatively, you may mail the registration card that was packaged with the new product to MOTU, but we recommend online registration since it is much quicker and easier.

If you wish to upgrade from a competing product and purchased a MOTU competitive software upgrade, then you will find a small envelope in the package with instructions for registering instead of a registration card. The instructions request a copy of the first page of the manual from the qualifying competing software title as well as your full name, address, and phone number. To register your competitive upgrade, you can send us the envelope and requested documents or call MOTU Customer Service at (617)576-2760 (Mon.-Fri., 9AM-6PM Eastern). (If you don't have the envelope that was included in your competitive upgrade package, we will request that you send a copy of the purchase receipt for the competing product.) When we receive the requested items, we will send you a message to confirm your registration and your newly registered software will be listed when you click on My Registrations after logging in to your user account.

AudioDesk users who are upgrading to Digital Performer can also send the competitive upgrade envelope. On the envelope, please include a note stating that you have already registered for AudioDesk. If you haven't already registered for AudioDesk, you will need to include the AudioDesk registration card from the AudioDesk User Guide as well.