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More CueMix Shortcuts

Want to save precious time setting up your next live gig or recording session? Master these quick shortcuts to quickly adjust groups of faders, panning knobs, and mute buttons with one easy click!

When making fader adjustments, or turning a pan knob, hold the Shift key to apply the same action to all channels in the visible mix. This also works great when you need to mute or solo all tracks at once.

Hold the Command (Mac) / Control (Win) key to apply your fader movement/pan knob turn/mute button click to the paired track (when inputs are configured as mono). For example, when holding the Command/Control key, a click on the mute button for Channel 1 will mute Channel 2 as well.

When panning with the Command key held, your adjustments will be inverted on the paired track, (Command-Click to pan Channel 1 100% to the left, Channel 2 pans 100% to the right). This applies to both CueMix DSP units and CueMix FX units.

Hold the Option (Mac) / Alt (Win) to apply your action to the same track all busses. For example, Option-clicking the mute button for Analog Input 1, mutes the Analog 1 Input in all of your mixes.

You can combine both the Shift and the Option key to make adjustments to all channels, in all mix busses, (a very convenient trick!). For example, Shift-Option-Clicking an input channel's mute button will quickly mute all channels, on all mixes at the same time.

As always, Double-Clicking on any parameter, or in conjunction with any of the above shortcuts, will return the control to its default value (Option/Shift/Double-Click to restore all settings to their default state).

There are so many ways to use these shortcuts and speed up your CueMix workflow, we can't list them all. Spend sometime experimenting with the Shift, Option, and Command keys, and you will quickly become a CueMix Master!

Happy Mixing.

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