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Tech Tips | DP8 | Splitting Stereo Tracks into Mono Stems

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Splitting Stereo Tracks into Mono Stems

Need to split an interleaved stereo audio file into two independent mono stems? Do you want to extract only a section of a stereo track's left channel? Both of these can be done quickly in Digital Performer.

Open the Waveform Editor in DP, and use the drop-down menu on the top right to select your stereo soundbite. Hold down the Command/Ctrl Key and make a selection in time over the left or right track. Once the left or right side is selected, choose "New Audio File From Selection" from the Waveform Editor's mini-menu (on the top right of the screen, next to the menu you used to select the soundbite) to create a new audio file.

The new mono audio file will populate in your Soundbites Window. You can drag the Soundbite directly into your sequence's Tracks List or Sequence window to create a new audio track with your mono stem.

Tip: If you need to select your stereo track's entire duration, it is generally easiest to zoom all the way out horizontally so you can see the all of the audio content from beginning to end. Continue zooming out so there is empty space to the right of your audio file. Click here, (with the Command key held), and drag left towards the beginning of your track to select all of the audio data.

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