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Using iLok-authorized plug-ins

MachFive, MOTU Symphonic Instrument, MOTU Ethno Instrument, Electric Keys, BPM, MX4, and Volta use an iLok USB key for authorization. The iLok key is sold separately, and can be purchased from iLok's website, or from most music retailers. The iLok key is the sole means of authorization for these products.

Make sure that you installed the latest iLok extensions (available on, and that your iLok is connected to your computer whenever you want to use these products. 

If your iLok isn't being seen by the computer: 

  • Is the green/blue LED coming on when you connect it? 
  • Have you tried different USB ports? Try disconnecting all other USB devices -- except your mouse & keyboard, if they're USB -- and connecting the iLok to a USB port directly on the computer (i.e., don't connect the iLok to a USB port on another device, such as the keyboard, monitor, or a hub). 
  • Remove the currently installed iLok drivers, then download & install the latest from here.