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Using multi-timbral instruments in Live

Follow these steps to send multiple MIDI channels to MachFive, MX4, Symphonic Instrument, Ethno Instrument, or BPM in Ableton Live.

  1. Make sure you are viewing Live's mixer and that the I/O section is showing.
  2. Add MachFive, MX4, MOTU Symphonic Instrument, MOTU Ethno Instrument, or BPM to a MIDI track.
  3. On a second MIDI track, under "MIDI To", assign the MIDI destinations in this way:
    • Output type: Select the track you added MachFive, MX4, MSI, Ethno, or BPM to (ex: "3-MachFive percussion").
    • Output channel: Select the desired channel (ex: "2-MachFive").
  4. Repeat step 3 with each additional MIDI track you wish to route to MachFive, MX4, MSI, Ethno, BPM.

If you wish to use multiple outputs from an instrument, like MachFive, follow these steps in the Live mixer.

  1. Create a new audio track.
  2. Under "Audio From", assign the audio inputs in this way:
    • Input source: Select the track you added MachFive to (ex: "1-MachFive synth leads").
    • Input channel: Select the desired channels (ex: "3-4 (MachFive)-MachFive stereo").
  3. Repeat step 2 with each additional part you wish to route from MachFive.