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What are the system requirements for Volta?

System requirements for Volta

These are the minimum requirements for Volta:

  • Mac OS X version 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, or 10.4; v10.4.9 or later is required
  • a digital audio workstation application that hosts MAS (MOTU Audio System) or Audio Units (AU) instrument plug-ins and supports multiple instrument sidechain outputs, such as Digital Performer, Logic, or Live

    Note: Generally, any recently updated AU host that supports AU instrument plug-ins with multiple sidechain outputs should work with Volta. If you're not using the current version of one of these hosts, MOTU recommends Digital Performer 5.13 or later, Logic 7.2.3 or later, and Live 7.0.16 or later. While earlier versions of these applications may work with Volta to some extent, they have not been fully tested and are not recommended.
  • an audio interface with DC-coupled outputs, such as any MOTU FireWire, USB2, or PCI audio interface with quarter-inch TRS outputs
  • the proper cable type for your interface
  • outboard audio hardware which responds to control voltage signals, such as modular analog synthesizers, vintage monosynths, etc.
  • a CD/DVD disc drive for installation
  • an available USB port for the included iLok USB key