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MOTU PCI-324 Compatibility with a Windows PC

Hardware considerations for PCs when using the PCI-324 card

MOTU recommends Intel machines for use with the 324, particularly Pentium IIIs using Intel chipsets. AMD machines sometimes ship with less efficient PCI chipsets. There is also a known incompatibility with Pre-1999 Via Chipsets. We have been able to get some VIA chipsets to work by downloading the "4 in 1 update" from, particularly the IWILL KK266 plus. If you're considering getting a PC using the DDR RAM based motherboards and wish to use the PCI-324 card we recommend the Gigabyte GA8INXP and HP 753N.

Note also that PCI slots with a 3.3 volt power specification cannot support 5 volt PCI cards such as the PCI-324. Motherboards that utilize hyperthreading, 64 bit processing, or DDR RAM typically utilize PCI slots with this 3.3v specification and thus may not be compatible. Additionally, the 324 card will not physically fit into the PCI-X slots found on most newer motherboards or into PCI Express (PCIe) slots found on many new PC motherboards. If you have any questions about your PC system and PCI-324 compatibility, please contact MOTU Tech Support. Generally speaking, the PCI-324 card is not compatible with most PC motherboards manufactured since 2002.

Our newer interfaces (FireWire, USB, and PCI-424 based) should work with virtually every motherboard out there, including DDR based machines and AMDs. PCI-324 users can upgrade to the PCI-424 or PCIe-424 card on our secure Upgrades page.