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HDX-SDI — SDI • HDMI • Analog video interface for Mac and Windows

Premiere Pro

The HDX-SDI represents a comprehensive and versatile I/O solution for Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows. No other capture device offers such extensive video I/O connectivity for both PC towers and PC laptops.

Support for Premiere Pro on Windows is now shipping. Click here for the complete Windows installer package. This download contains everything you need to run the HDX-SDI with Premiere Pro on Windows.

Choose your workflow

The HDX-SDI allows you to capture any video source, either SD or HD, in a variety of formats, including uncompressed HD, uncompressed SD (standard AVI clips), DVCPro25, DVCPro50 and DVCProHD.

Take Premiere Pro on the road

The HDX-SDI is available for purchase with an ExpressCard34 adapter for connection to any ExpressCard-equipped PC laptop computer. The ExpressCard adapter handles video with the same speed and bandwidth as the PCI card adapter for tower computers, so you get as much video I/O performance as your laptop's CPU and storage performance allows.

Advanced features

Advanced features include an "Export to Tape" feature that allows you to lay back clips, or an entire project, to a tape deck using the HDX-SDI's extensive machine control features. The HDX-SDI also supports Premiere Pro's Batch Capture features.

Windows support

The HDX-SDI supports both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.