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Audio Express

6x6 Hybrid FW/USB2 interface
Audio Express Overview
As an audio interface for Mac or PC, the Audio Express serves as a capable hub for your personal recording studio. Here is a typical personal studio setup.
For your personal studio
The Audio Express includes CueMix FX software for Mac and Windows, and AudioDesk workstation software for Mac.
Included software
Audio Express movie
As a stage mixer, the Audio Express can mix your live instrument inputs to a PA, stage wedges, and even a digital recorder to capture your performance, all with convenient front-panel volume control of each input and separate mix levels for each pair of outputs.
For live performance
You can use the Audio Express 8-bus digital mixer on stage for live performance, in your personal studio without a computer, or together with your host audio software as a low-latency monitor mixer.
Mixing with the Audio Express
The Audio Express provides a wealth of professional features for producing broadcast-ready audio recordings.
Feature highlights
The Audio Express employs industry standard drivers for across-the-board compatibility on both Mac and Windows.
Compatible software
The CueMix FX software included with the Audio Express provides an instrument tuner, plus a wealth of tools for audio analysis and diagnostics to awaken your inner engineer.
Tuner and analysis tools
Audio Express feature summary
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