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Traveler-mk3 — Portable bus-powered audio interface with effects and mixing

Traveler-mk3 Videos

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CueMix FX Movie
CueMix FX gives you comprehensive graphic control over your mix. CueMix FX is a software front-end with attractive graphic mixing, graphic editing of EQ and a convenient tabbed interface.

Mic/guitar inputs

Four 24-bit 192 kHz mic/guitar inputs are equipped with high quality preamps, plus overload protection and all the features you need to record any mic or guitar with excellent sound quality.

Each input provides both a low-impedance XLR mic input and a true high-impedance quarter-inch guitar input jack. For condenser mics, each input is equipped with its own 48V phantom power switch.

Precision digital trim with pad

The preamps provide 53 dB of gain, which you can adjust in precise 1 dB increments using the detented digital rotary encoders on the front panel. As you turn the encoder, you see graphic and numeric feedback in the front panel LCD, so you know exactly how much gain you are applying. Push the encoder to engage or disengage the 20 dB pad. These digital controls give you both precision and the ability to save and recall trim settings.

V-Limit™ hardware limiter

All four mic/guitar inputs are equipped with V-Limit™, a hardware limiter that helps prevent digital clipping from overloaded input signals. With V-Limit enabled, signals can go above zero dB (where limiting kicks in) to as high as +12 dB above zero with no distortion due to digital clipping.

Soft Clip™

Additional protection can be applied to the mic/guitar inputs by enabling the Traveler-mk3's Soft Clip™ feature, which engages just before clipping occurs and helps reduce perceptible distortion.