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Traveler-mk3 — Portable bus-powered audio interface with effects and mixing

Traveler-mk3 Videos

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CueMix FX Movie
CueMix FX gives you comprehensive graphic control over your mix. CueMix FX is a software front-end with attractive graphic mixing, graphic editing of EQ and a convenient tabbed interface.

Mobile operation

The Traveler-mk3 provides several power options for remote recording and mixing.

After programming the on-board mixing in the studio, you can unplug the Traveler-mk3 from the computer, remove the rack brackets, and take it on the road for operation as a portable, bus-powered audio interface for a laptop or battery-operated stand-alone mixer with effects.

FireWire bus power

The Traveler-mk3 can be fully powered by its FireWire connection to your desktop or laptop computer. No AC power is required. Slide the Traveler-mk3 into your backpack with your laptop, mic and guitar and head for your favorite remote location for some inspired recording.

Battery power

If you don't want to drain the battery in your laptop, the Traveler-m3 can alternatively be powered by a standard field battery pack. These products (sold separately) can provide many hours of recording time for extended sessions even in the most remote locations. Field battery power provides the ultimate freedom to record just about anywhere on the globe.

DC power

The Traveler-mk3 includes a DC power supply. Why would you ever need it? There are many practical situations in which AC power is available and you might wish to power your Traveler-mk3 via the DC power supply. For example, you could bring the Traveler-mk3 to a live performance and use it as a stand-alone mixer for you and your band. Regardless of the circumstances, the Traveler-mk3 has the flexible power options you need.