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Electric Keys - Vintage electric keyboard instrument

Electro-mechanical Keyboards

These four keyboard models spanned the decade of the 1960's and helped shape the sound of classic rock keys...


This keyboard operated almost like a harpsichord, using small rubber plectra to pluck small steel blades. It featured a vibrato and a few filters named after instrument names (metallophone, xylophone, music box, etc.)

Download: MP3 (709 KB) / AIFF (6.0 MB)


The blades in this reed instrument are constructed to allow chords. There is also a lever to activate the plectrum mechanism.

Download: MP3 (290 KB) / AIFF (2.4 MB)


This German electric piano, initially developed for educational purposes, operated quite similarly to the Classic Electric Piano, along with vibrating reeds.

Used by:

  • Led Zeppelin
  • And many more...

Download: MP3 (264 KB) / AIFF (2.2 MB)

Planet M

The sound of this keyboard came from metal reeds plucked by foam pads. The vibration was then transmitted via electrostatic pickups to an amplifier.

Used by these artists:

  • The Zombies
  • The Kingsmen
  • The Beatles
  • And many more...

Download: MP3 (545 KB) / AIFF (4.6 MB)