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Electric Keys - Vintage electric keyboard instrument

Funky Clavs

Intended for classical music, the clav took a serious U-turn and instead helped define the sound of funk...

Designed with the harpsichord in mind, the clav was initially developed for classical music performance. But in the irreverant climate of the late 1960’s and early 1970's, the clav took hold as one of the primary instrument sounds of funk music.


Known for its trashy sound, this keyboard uses small rubber tips to fret strings. The D-Clav version, released in 1971, is the most famous in the family.

Used by these artists:

  • "Superstition" -- Stevie Wonder
  • "Trampled Under Foot" -- Led Zeppelin
  • "Outa-Space" -- Billy Preston
  • "Head Hunters" -- Herbie Hancock
  • Kid Charlemange" -- Steely Dan
  • And many more...

D-Clav DA (with filter mod):

Download: MP3 (665 KB) / AIFF (5.6 MB)


This instrument was produced later in 1977, but with similar characteristics to the popular D-Clav version.

Download: MP3 (646 KB) / AIFF (5.5 MB)


This instrument is the earliest of the three, as it was introduced in 1968.

Download: MP3 (483 KB) / AIFF (4.1 MB)