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Ethno Trailer

The following QuickTime movie highlights the features in Ethno2. Click the image below to activate and play it.

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Demo Movies

Composed and performed live by Jordan Rudess, keyboardist for Dream Theater
Preset: India Fantasy
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In all of these videos, Jordan employs Ethno's built-in mixing features to enhance the mix. For example, at the beginning of this video, notice that the percussion instruments sit wide left and right, while the vocal phrase is just to the right of center. As Jordan brings in more instruments, they blend coherently more towards the center of the mix. By the time everything is in full swing, good balance and spread is maintained overall. All of this is achieved using Ethno's built-in pan, volume, EQ and synth engine features. You can also employ multiple separate outputs to further manage Ethno's multiple instruments within the mixing environment of your host software or hardware mixer.

View more videos showcasing the MOTU Ethno Instrument presets.


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Ethno Instrument 2 — Universal world/ethnic instrument

Keyboard KeyBuy Award

"Ethno 2 should be at the top of your list. With a Key Buy award, it's sure at the top of ours."
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Mix Certified Hit

Mix Certified Hit
Winter NAMM 2010
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"Ethno 2 is fantastic by the way, had a little play today, it sounds really vibrant and organic!"
-Rik Simpson
Coldplay Producer

Microtonal tuning and non-western scales

Ethno Instrument gives you direct access to the rich and exotic world of non-western tuning and scales.

New in Ethno 2

Browse dozens of microtuning presets from all over the world, and then play authentic non-western tempered scales of any size (from five tones to 24 tones) via any standard MIDI controller.

Microtonal scale presets are organized by world region and by scale system:

Microtuning example

Here is a koto preset played with standard western tuning, followed by two examples of microtuning scales, one from Thailand and the other from Southeast Asia. In each case, a C major scale is being played (all white keys), using Digital Performer's MIDI keys feature:

Mix and match to create exotic, truly unique sounds

You can freely apply any microtuning scale to any instrument preset you wish, allowing you to mix and match microtuning scales with sounds from anywhere around the globe, as demonstrated above with the koto sound from Japan and the microtuning scale from Thailand. As another example, a microtuning scale from Indonesia could be applied to a Celtic harp sound from Ireland.

Choose from thousands more scales, or create your own

The microtonal scale presets supplied by Ethno Instrument 2 were developed by a world expert in micro-tuning and conform to the Scala open file standard (.scl) for microtuning. You can visit the Scala web site, browse thousands of microtuning files, download them for free, and simply drag and drop them into Ethno 2 to add them as user presets.

Scala files are simple text documents, so you can edit them to create your own unique scales.