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Ethno Trailer

The following QuickTime movie highlights the features in Ethno2. Click the image below to activate and play it.

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Demo Movies

Composed and performed live by Jordan Rudess, keyboardist for Dream Theater
Preset: India Fantasy
Right Click to Download QuickTime movie (10.3 MB)

In all of these videos, Jordan employs Ethno's built-in mixing features to enhance the mix. For example, at the beginning of this video, notice that the percussion instruments sit wide left and right, while the vocal phrase is just to the right of center. As Jordan brings in more instruments, they blend coherently more towards the center of the mix. By the time everything is in full swing, good balance and spread is maintained overall. All of this is achieved using Ethno's built-in pan, volume, EQ and synth engine features. You can also employ multiple separate outputs to further manage Ethno's multiple instruments within the mixing environment of your host software or hardware mixer.

View more videos showcasing the MOTU Ethno Instrument presets.


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Ethno Instrument 2 — Universal world/ethnic instrument

Keyboard KeyBuy Award

"Ethno 2 should be at the top of your list. With a Key Buy award, it's sure at the top of ours."
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Mix Certified Hit

Mix Certified Hit
Winter NAMM 2010
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"Ethno 2 is fantastic by the way, had a little play today, it sounds really vibrant and organic!"
-Rik Simpson
Coldplay Producer

MP3 Examples

Employing a variety of musical styles from around the globe, these MP3 examples demonstrate the quality and authenticity of Ethno's samples, loops and phrases.

New in Ethno 2

New Version 2 demos

Ethno 2 voices — Composed mostly of Ethno Version 2 sounds combined with some "spices" of India percussion and world pads

Concertina — an Eastern European lament that features the concertina instrument's release samples

Taiko 1 — Cinematic drums using only the taiko instrument presets and taiko loops from Ethno

Taiko 2 — More taiko drum presets and loops

India Legato 1 — Demonstrates expressive 'legato' presets from India

India Legato 2 — More legato presets from India

Latin panpipe — An expressive instrument played in two styles: slow and fast

Gongs and co — Believe it or not, everything you hear, except for the strings, are Ethno 2 gong and metal sounds

Ethno Journey 1 — 100% Ethno Instruments sounds, with heavy, extreme use of Ethno's high-quality time-stretching

Ethno Journey 2 — A nice mix of Caribbean influences, sounds of India, and world voices

More demos

Symphonic Presents Ethno — Composed entirely of Ethno sounds combined with Symphonic Instrument sounds

Africa — Voices, percussion, electric bass and other instruments from the bush and shanty towns alike

Africa-Balafon-Kora — The melodic kora combined with the percussive balafon

Africa-Ngoni-Valiha — Two African plucked stringed instruments that sound like they could be from just about any continent

Asia-Japanese Mood — Traditional Japanese instruments reflect a harmony with nature

Asia-Chinese Mood — Traditional Chinese instruments spanning bygone eras

Asia-Shamisen — Traditional Japanese stringed instrument performed in a natural setting and ambiance

Australia — An invigorating arrangement of instruments from the outback and down under

Celtic — Close your eyes, take a breath of fresh air and soak up the lovely Irish countryside

Eastern Europe — The bouzouki, oud and accordion have never sounded so good

India — A blend of traditional and modern musical influences from India that also demonstrates some of Ethno's included sound effects

India-Tambura-Sitar — Electric sitar combined with perussive loops

Indonesia-Gamelan — Mysterious and evocative, metallic and melodic

Middle East-Mediterranean 1 — Male and female vocal phrases accompanied by a wide variety of Middle Eastern instrumentation

Middle East-Mediterranean 2 — Synth pad, percussion, flute and violin

Occidental — Accordion, banjo, fiddle, acoustic bass, honky tonk piano and a shot of whiskey from the old Wild West

South America-Bossa — Smooth and sultry bossa nova

Spanish-Gypsy — Flamenco guitar plus men and women's vocals with percussion

West Indies — Sit back, relax and let this music take you on a brief Carribean hiatus

World Synth — Pads, leads and accents suitable for a wide variety of ethnic musical styles

Ethno Percussion — A sampler of world percussion instruments and styles features instruments, loops and phrases

Jojo's World — A blend of ethnic musical styles with captivating childen's vocals

Global-Human World — An intriguing modern treatment of Ethno's world-spanning sounds that demonstrates the versatility and releavance of world music

Jukebox — Plays all songs consecutively

All tracks composed & performed by Patrick Chartol (pchartol.free.fr), except for "Gongs and co," "Ethno Journey 1," "Symphonic Presents Ethno," and "West Indies" composed & performed by Guillaume Roussel (guillaumeroussel.com), and "Jojo's World" composed & performed by Geoffroy Soulaine.