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MOTU Symphonic Instrument - Universal orchestral instrument

MP3 Examples

Listen to these MP3 examples of the MOTU Symphonic instrument to hear and be inspired by the incredible realism, depth and versatility of the music you can create.

Turn On - Action/thriller movie soundtrack

Gothik Circus - Shades of Tim Burton/Danny Elfman (with apologies to both...)

Chocolate Box - Sensitive and heartfelt (piano and strings)

Calm Field - Live voice and live solo violin with Symphonic Instrument ensemble

Thanks Mr. R - Inspired by Maurice Ravel

The Sorcerer's Apprentice - An easily recognized classic

Opening Cue 630 - Full orchestration using 100% MSi instruments...

Forward & Triumphantly - Early 17th century choral/march using 100% MSi instruments...

The Power of Innocence - An eclectic modern score that dramatizes the victory of innocence over evil...

A New Day - Piano with 4-part strings and shimmering harp, vibraphone and percussion...

Four Horsemen - 21st century classical meets baroque

Tomato & Fudge in D Minor - A light-heartened improvisation for small string ensemble played live (Includes the original MIDI file and Symphonic Instrument multi)

Dark Horse Excerpt - A short excerpt of a film score, produced entirely with the MOTU Symphonic Instrument

Jukebox - Plays all songs consecutively