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MOTU Symphonic Instrument - Universal orchestral instrument


These videos show the MOTU Symphonic Instrument being performed live by Jordan Rudess, keyboardist for Dream Theater. Jordan has loaded MOTU Symphonic Instrument presets into MachFive, where he can dynamically add, remove, layer and crossfade instruments using the mod wheel, foot pedal and key switching at the very bottom of the keyboard.

If you don't have MachFive, you can achieve a similar level of control using the Symphonic Instrument's Expert Mode feature, which lets you change instruments on the fly using key switches, velocity switches and note ranges.

Pipe Organ - Hear the majesty of MOTU Symphonic Instrument's extensive organ library

Celeste with Percussion, Voices, Strings - An inventive mix of orchestral textures

"DreamLand" - A light and vigorous performance of mallets, percussion and ensemble strings

Orchestra Ensemble - A sampling of ensemble, tutti and section presets

Percussion - Jordan's fingers fly in this percussive extravaganza

Piano Concerto - Jordan becomes both concert pianist and accompanying orchestra

Video Jukebox - Plays all videos consecutively