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MX4 Videos

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MX4 Layers (QuickTime 1.5MB)
This is a video of four instances of MX4 played in real-time.

MX4 Layers (MP3 1.8MB)
Audio-only version of above link.



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MX4 - Multi-synth for MAS, RTAS and AU

MP3 Examples

Listen to a sampling of tracks created with MX4.

Can't Resist (David Das) - Features an MX4 factory preset by the same name

Reverse Curve (Matthew Davidson) - A showcase of the broad range of sounds you can produce with MX4, presented in variety of musical styles

Battle of the Shining Samurai (Nathan Goldstein) - Version 2's groove features in a heavy industrial style

Ignition (David Das) - A single MX4 instance highlighting the Pattern Gate

Entrancing Voice (Jim Crocini) - All sounds are produced by MX4, except a vocal sample

MX4 (Luca Pilla) - A wash of sound laced with tension

Into The Light (Jim Crocini) - A classic example of ambient glassy pads and ethereal textures

MX4 demo2 mix (Nathan Goldstein) - A rhythmic and hypnotic arrangement

Peelah (Luca Pilla) - These pulsating pads were all produced by a single instance of MX4 played in real-time

PB and Jelly (Steve Stringer) - A heavy walking bass line beneath layered pads, punctuated by lead synth lines