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MX4 Videos

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MX4 Layers (QuickTime 1.5MB)
This is a video of four instances of MX4 played in real-time.

MX4 Layers (MP3 1.8MB)
Audio-only version of above link.



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MX4 - Multi-synth for MAS, RTAS and AU

Patch Demos

These examples use a single instance of MX4 with built-in MX4 effects. No layering or additional effects were used.

Leash Sync - An example of the pattern sequencer controlling oscillator overtones via modulating the frequency of the synced slave oscillator

Final Modifications - A combination of the arpeggiator and pattern gate create a texture from a simple held chord

Jacob's Ladder - The pattern sequencer modulates multiple parameters to produce an undulating texture

Hello, MX4 - An example of MX4's synced-oscillator capabilities

Trance_07 & Trance_01 - These two examples are not sequenced, just an octave held down with the LFOs generating the rhythm

60 Second Evolution - Showcases MX4's long DADSHR envelopes

Wavetable LFO - An example of a band pass and high pass filter in parallel with LFO modulation of the wavetables

Gore Sequence - Two synced sample-and-hold LFOs modulate wavetable index and wavetable symmetry

Lead Example - Virtual analog lead example

SpaceShipOne - MX4's flexibility does not prevent it from generating standard subtractive synthesis sounds

Wavetable Example - Sequenced notes highlight timberal changes that occur when pitch is used to modulate wavetable index

Vintage Wavetable Auto Sequence - Emulates the sound of one of the first wavetable synths

Nitrous Oxide - Synced LFOs create interesting, burbling textures

Robot Work Song - An example of the complexity that can be achieved with MX4's modulation architecture