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MX4 Videos

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MX4 Layers (QuickTime 1.5MB)
This is a video of four instances of MX4 played in real-time.

MX4 Layers (MP3 1.8MB)
Audio-only version of above link.



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MX4 - Multi-synth for MAS, RTAS and AU


* Multi-architecture synthesis engine — wavetable, frequency modulation (FM), amplitude modulation (AM) & analog emulation.

Plug-in formats

  • MAS (Mac OS X)
  • RTAS (Mac OS X)
  • Audio Units (Mac OS X)
  • Unlimited voices, polyphony and instantiations (as many as your host computer allows).
  • Sample-accurate playback (with host applications that support this OS X feature).
  • Plug-in convenience — all settings are saved with host software projects for instant recall.
  • Modulatable effects – built-in chorus, phaser, flanger, reverb, and delay effects are integrated into MX4’s modulation architecture and are saved as part of the patch.
  • Three wavetable oscillators — choose from over 90 wavetables with or without aliasing.
  • Audio input — process any audio signal with MX4’s flexible synthesis engine in real time.
  • Modulatable waveform symmetry — create and automate dynamic changes in harmonics.
  • Oscillator sync — create hard sync effects, just like the legendary Sequential Circuits Prophet Five™ and other classic polysynths.
  • Frequency modulation (FM) — oscillator 3 serves as an FM source for oscillator 1, oscillator 2 and the filters.
  • Two resonant multimode filters — use low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch filters with 4 slope settings for a total of 16 different filter types. Create a wide variety of vintage keyboard sounds. Or stack both filters for 48dB per octave.
  • Variable Filter Topology™ — use 14 different filter and distortion configurations to produce over 3,000 different filter topologies, before you even begin tweaking filter parameters.
  • Six variable waveshape LFOs — each includes adjustable symmetry, rate delay, fade & phase.
  • Four DADSHR envelopes. Envelope time segments adjustable from 0 to 20 seconds.
  • Modulation sources — all continuously variable parameters, including LFOs and envelopes, can be modulated by many sources, including track automation, MIDI controllers, LFOs & envelopes. Simply choose a source from a menu and then option-click the MX4 knob or fader that you wish to control with it.
  • Open modulation architecture — each source can modulate an unlimited number of parameters simultaneously, providing the highest degree of programming flexibility possible. Conversely, any parameter can be simultaneously modulated by multiple sources.

Full system requirements

Specifications subject to change without notice