HDX-SDI — SDI / HDMI / Analog video interface with Thunderbolt™ technology

Digital Performer

The HDX-SDI delivers broadcast quality external video monitoring for Digital Performer, combined with studio grade multi-channel audio recording and playback, all with sample-accurate synchronization between sound and picture.

10-bit HD video monitoring

Together, Digital Performer (version 8) and the HDX-SDI provide a state-of-the-art sound for picture experience. Load 720 or 1080 HD video clips into DP, perfectly synchronized with your sequence time line, and send the video signal to one or more external video monitors through professional video I/O formats like HD-SDI and HDMI.

A perfect monitoring solution for multi-screen computer setups

Do you like to work with multiple computer screens? The HDX-SDI allows you to continue using your 2nd computer monitor as an extension of your Digital Performer desktop, while you monitor full-screen broadcast quality video on a third HDMI display or SDI broadcast monitor. Improve your workspace and impress your clients with a state-of-the-art Thunderbolt video monitoring system.

7.1 surround audio

The HDX-SDI is a full-fledged audio interface that employs MOTU's award-winning audio interface technology through standard core audio and ASIO drivers on Mac or Windows. With 8 channels of balanced TRS analog, combined with 8 channels of AES/EBU digital I/O, you can monitor and capture multiple 7.1 surround stems in your DP editing suite.

For the studio, live stage, and scoring stage

With professional video output in all HD and SD formats, and 8-channel analog and digital playback, the HDX-SDI supports Digital Performer in sound-for-picture workflows from the recording studio and edit suite to the sound stage and even live concerts. If you do serious sound-for-picture work with DP, you owe it to yourself to try the HDX-SDI for video and audio playback.

Mac and Windows support

The HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt technology supports Digital Performer running on both Mac OS X and Windows 8 (and 7).