HDX-SDI — SDI / HDMI / Analog video interface with Thunderbolt™ technology


The HDX-SDI provides comprehensive video and audio synchronization features, including time code I/O, video ref with loop through, large front panel time code readout and RS-422 (Sony 9-pin) machine control.

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Synchronize your HDX-SDI system with reliable performance and fast lock-up times. Perform batch capture and edit/export to tape operations in Final Cut or Premiere with a 9-pin compatible camera or deck connected to the HDX-SDI.

    Time Code I/O
  • Video reference in / thru — resolve to blackburst, composite or HD Tri-level sync.
  • Time code in and out — generate and resolve to time code in all formats, including LTC, VITC (SD analog), D-VITC (SD-SDI) and embedded (SD/HD-SDI).
  • RS-422 machine control — control the transports of a connected camera or video deck from Final Cut or Premiere via standard 9-pin protocol.
  • Front panel time code display — provides frame-accurate time code readout when converting or generating time code, or during playback from host software.
  • DDS
  • Direct Digital Synthesis — DSP-driven phase lock engine provides ultra-low jitter.