HDX-SDI — SDI / HDMI / Analog video interface with Thunderbolt™ technology

Premiere Pro

The HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt technology represents a comprehensive and versatile I/O solution for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and CC7 on Windows 8. No other capture device offers such extensive video I/O connectivity for Thunderbolt-equipped PCs.

Support for Premiere Pro on Windows is now shipping. Click here for the complete Windows installer package. This download contains everything you need to run the HDX-SDI with Premiere Pro on Windows.

Choose your workflow

The HDX-SDI allows you to capture any video source, either SD or HD, in a variety of formats, including uncompressed HD, uncompressed SD (standard AVI clips), DVCPro25, DVCPro50 and DVCProHD.

Take Premiere Pro on the road

Daisy-chain the HDX-SDI with high-speed, high-capacity Thunderbolt storage, and connect it all to your Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pro or PC laptop to enjoy unprecedented speed for capturing and monitoring on the road. With high-speed Thunderbolt storage, you can easily work with high-capacity workflows, including uncompressed 1080 HD.

Advanced features

Advanced features include an "Export to Tape" feature that allows you to lay back clips, or an entire project, to a tape deck using the HDX-SDI's extensive machine control features. The HDX-SDI also supports Premiere Pro's Batch Capture features.