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AudioDesk - Full-featured audio workstation software package for Mac OS X and Windows


AudioDesk can and import and export entire multitrack projects from (and to) Digidesign Pro Tools (or any other OMF compliant system) via DigiTranslator™ and OMF. For example, you can import a Pro Tools session, work on it in AudioDesk, and then deliver it again as a Pro Tools session, with all tracks, regions, crossfades, and time-stamps intact.

DP exchange

AudioDesk includes built in OMF integration tools which allow you to seamlessly export your project to a ProTools environment. OMF export does more than just copy audio data - critical information such as session offset, audio region placement, and crossfades (either rendered as audio regions or transferred as editable crossfades) is preserved.

AudioDesk and Digital Performer can seamlessly exchange projects (without MIDI or surround tracks).