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AudioDesk - Full-featured audio workstation software package for Mac OS X and Windows


AudioDesk 2 owners can download the AudioDesk 3 update, and AudioDesk 1, 2, and 3 owners can upgrade to Digital Performer for $395. AudioDesk 1 owners may also upgrade to AudioDesk 3 for $149.

AudioDesk 2 AudioDesk 3 DP7
Audio Editing Features
24-bit / 192kHz support x x x
Multiple bit rates x x x
Broadcast WAVE / AIFF support   x x
Interleaved audio support   x x
32-bit floating point audio     x
ACID file import x x x
Apple Loop import x x x
Adjust Beats x
Beat detection engine x
Beat-based time stretching x x x
Drag and drop audio import x x x
Edge-edit multiple soundbites x x x
Graphical fade handles in Sequence Editor x x x
Graphical time stretching x x x
Lock playback to selection x x x
Measures and beats time display/editing x x x
Merge Soundbites x x x
MP3 import x x x
MP3 export x x x
Mute Region x x x
Non-destructive audio editing x x x
Non-destructive fades and crossfades x x x
Record Beats x
REX (Recycle 2) file import x x x
Roll tool x
Slide tool x
Slip tool x
Trim tool x
Comp Tool     x
Sample-accurate editing x x x
Sequence Editor x x x
Smooth Audio Edits x
Soundbite Gain x
Soundbite Sync Points x x x
Soundbite Time Stamps x x x
Soundbite Volume x
Stationary Play Head x x x
Surround editing x
Take comping     x
Track Groups x
Tracks Window x
Waveform Editor x
Wiper Centered Zooming x x x
Post Production / Film Scoring
Clippings x x x
Final Cut Pro XML Import     x
Final Cut Pro XML Export     x
Find Tempo x
FireWire Video Output x x x
Insert Measures x
Markers x x x
Movie Window x x x
Floating Movie Window   x x
Movie Track x
23.976 frame rate support x x
QuickTime chase of graphic & numeric edits x x x
QuickTime movie audio import x
QuickTime movie export x
Separate movie for each sequence x x x
Streamers, punches, and flutters x
VocAlign support x
MIDI / Sequencing
Drum Editor x
Event List Editor x
Interapplication MIDI x
MIDI Effects Plug-ins x
MIDI Graphic Editor x
MIDI Interface support x x x
MIDI Machine Control x x x
MIDI Monitor x
MIDI Tracks x
QuickScribe Editor x
ReWire™ support audio returns only audio returns only x
Step Record x
Transmit Sync x x x
Trigger plug-in x
Unisyn integration x
Virtual Instrument Support x
Audio processing
Audio Effects Plug-ins x x x
Audio Unit (AU) effect support x x x
AU side chain inputs x x
AU ramp automation x x
Cocoa-based AU graphics x x
Audio plug-in manager     x
Audio transpose and time stretch x x x
Audio pitch automation x
Automatic Conversions x x x
Automatic plug-in delay compensation x x x
Mix Automation x x x
Mixing x x x
PureDSP™ x x x
Real-time monitoring of effects plug-ins x x x
Pre-rendering preferences for individual plug-ins x x
Pre-rendering preferences for entire project x
Dedicated preset menu x x
Spectral Effects x
Surround Mixing x
TDM support x
V-Racks x
Audio Bundles x x x
Audio click x x x
Automatic conversions / import x x x
Bounce To Disk x x x
CD burning     x
Commands x x x
Compact Project command x x x
Consolidated Window   x x
Multiple tabs in Consolidated Window sidebar cells     x
Continuous data reshape tools x
Control Surface support x
Custom Control Consoles x
Custom track colors x x x
Waveform color options     x
Dockable Tool Pallette x x x
Freeze tracks x
Global time format selection x x x
Information Bar x x x
Information Bar customizaton     x
Information palettes x x
Track Inspector     x
OMF export x x x
OMF import x x x
AAF export x x x
AAF import x x x
Meter Bridge x
Multiple plug-in windows open simultaneously x x x
Multi-processor/multi-core support x x x
Receive Sync x x x
Sample Rate/Format Conversion x x x
Search x
Solo exemption x x x
Soundbite layering x x x
Track folders x
Undo levels 10 10 unlimited
Universal Track Selector x x
Streamlined window design x x
Window Sets x
Audio Recording
Audio Monitor x x x
Cycle Record with Automatic Take Management x x x
Maximum inserts per track 20 20 20
Maximum number of busses 198 198 198
Maximum number of sends 5 mono or stereo 5 mono or stereo 20 mono, stereo, or surround
Maximum number of input channels unlimited** unlimited** unlimited**
Real-time monitoring through effects x x x
Input monitoring independent of record-enable x x x
Sample-accurate sync x x x
Soundbites Window x x x
Stereo Playback and Recording x x x
Surround playback and recording x
Track count unlimited* unlimited* unlimited*
Hardware Support
Core Audio x
Digidesign HD x
MOTU FireWire/USB2 x x x
MOTU PCI-324 x x x
MOTU PCI-424 x x x
Run multiple CoreAudio hardware*** MOTU PCI, FW, USB2 MOTU PCI, FW, USB2 any
Sample Editing
Background processing x x x
Collect audio data for backup x x x
Mono/stereo waveform editor x
Pencil Tool for waveform editing x
Preemptive audio analysis x x x
Surround waveform editor x
Auralizer x
AutoPan x x x
Bass Manager x
Buffy x x x
Calibration x
Chorus x x x
DC Notch x x x
Delay x x x
Dynamics x x x
Echo x x x
eVerb x x x
Flanger x x x
MasterWorks™ 64-bit EQ x
MasterWorks™ 64-bit Gate x
MasterWorks™ 64-bit Look-ahead Limiter x
MasterWorks™ 64-bit MB Compressor x
MasterWorks™ 64-bit Leveler x
Multimode Filter x x x
M-S Decoder x x x
ParaEQ x x x
Pattern Gate x
Phaser x x x
Plate x x x
Preamp-1 x x x
ProVerb convolution reverb x x x
Quan Jr x x x
Reverb x x x
Ring Modulator x x x
Sonic Modulator x x x
Surround AutoPan x
Surround Calibration x
Surround DC Notch x
Surround Delay x
Surround EQ x
Surround eVerb x
Surround Flanger x
Surround MasterWorks™ 64-bit EQ x
Surround MasterWorks™ 64-bit Look-ahead Limiter x
Surround Pattern Gate x
Surround Phaser x
Surround ProVerb convolution reverb x
Surround Quan Jr x
Surround Tremolo x
Surround Trim x
Tremolo x x x
Trim x x x
BassLine x
PolySynth x
Modulo x
Nanosampler x
Model12 x
Proton x

* dependent on speed of computer or hardware

** dependent on hardware

***requires external synchronization among systems