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AudioDesk - Full-featured audio workstation software package for Mac OS X and Windows


AudioDesk provides dozens of real-time, automatable 32-bit plug-ins, with graphical control including reverb, dynamics processors and EQ. Use the effects as an insert, on a single channel, or via a send/receive bus. The number of effects you can apply at any one time depends only on the speed of your computer. There is no built-in limit in AudioDesk: the faster your computer, the more effects you can use at one time.

Effects included with AudioDesk mono to mono mono to stereo stereo to stereo
AutoPan yes yes
Chorus yes yes yes
DC Notch yes yes
Delay yes yes
(gate, expander, compressor and limiter)
yes yes
Echo yes yes
eVerb yes yes yes
Flanger yes yes yes
Invert Phaser yes no yes
MS Decoder yes
Multimode Filter yes yes yes
Parametric EQ
(2-band, 4-band or 8-band)
yes yes
Phaser yes yes yes
Plate yes yes yes
PreAmp-1 yes yes
Quan Jr. yes yes
Reverb yes yes yes
Ring Modulator yes yes
Sonic Modulator yes
Tremolo yes
Trim yes yes

Multiple processor/core support – A dual-processor/dual-core computer effectively doubles the available processing power for plug-ins running across multiple tracks. AudioDesk dynamically manages CPU load across multiple processors/cores, including third-party plug-in processing bandwidth, so that all existing MAS-compatible plug-ins can take advantage of AudioDesk’s multi-processor/core support.

Multiple plug-in windows – Open multiple plug-in windows simultaneously.

Configurable inserts – Configure up to 20 insert slots per channel.

Pre/post insert configuration – Specify a number of insert slots to be pre or post fader per channel.