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AudioDesk - Full-featured audio workstation software package for Mac OS X and Windows


As an audio editor, AudioDesk rivals even the most expensive systems. View and edit all of your digital audio tracks in a single, intuitive window. You won't believe how fast it is to rearrange your audio recordings. Throw away your razor blade and splicing tape. Graphically draw volume automation curves. Pan sounds left to right. Even loop recordings - all as your music plays. Select only the tracks you want to see or show them all. Zoom in to work on fine details or zoom out for a wide overview. Now everything from simple dialog editing to complex restructuring of large compositions is as easy as word processing.

Re-size soundbites by dragging their edges. Scrub digital audio to find exact start and end points for edits. Split and trim soundbites to work with smaller regions. Strip Silence works just like a noise gate with adjustable threshold, attack & release. The crossfade feature eliminates unwanted clicks and pops. Copy and paste regions to repeat verses or sound effects. "Drag and drop" audio regions from the soundbites window to any editing window for intuitive placement. All of these operations are nondestructive so you can always revert back to your original recording should you change your mind. Record and insert volume and pan effects. Even import material from your favorite sample CD-ROMs, then use any of AudioDesk's editing functions to customize them for your music.

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