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MasterWorks Collection — Masterfully crafted plug-in processing for your audio

Download version 1.01 now for the latest enhancements, including the ability to import entire impulse response libraries into ProVerb in a single drag-and-drop operation.

Feature highlights

Feature highlights

  • Three premium audio processors suitable for even the most demanding mixing situations.
  • Accurate modeling.
  • CPU-efficient performance.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit internal floating point processing.
  • Mono, stereo and surround channel configurations (with supporting host software).
  • Share MasterWorks plug-in presets among different hosts.

MasterWorks EQ

  • Inspired by legendary British console EQs.
  • Delivers the look, feel, and sound of the most sought-after classic analog equalizers.
  • Carefully crafted and meticulously engineered to produce musical results in a variety of applications.
  • Five bands of EQ filtering, each with four EQ types that provide current popular EQ styles and vintage analog EQ styles alike.
  • Two mid bands with shelf filtering, plus two bands of variable slope low-pass and high-pass filtering.
  • Drag control points on the graphic EQ curve for direct control and visual feedback of the filter.

MasterWorks Leveler

  • Accurate model of the legendary Teletronix™ LA-2A optical leveling amplifier, known for its unique and highly coveted signal dependent automatic gain control characteristics.
  • Smooths out any audio material, from vocals to bass guitar to full-program mixes, without destroying perceived dynamics.
  • Matches the front panel of the original LA-2A, including an accurately modeled VU meter that adheres to IEC standards.
  • Provides models of four different generations of the LA-2A: Slow Vintage, Fast Vintage, Slow Modern, and Fast Modern.


  • Advanced CPU-efficient convolution reverb, the most realistic form of reverb money can buy.
  • Delivers the sound of real acoustic spaces to any track or mix with stunning authenticity.
  • Includes dozens of preset spaces including, plates, rooms, stages, halls, cathedrals, and more.
  • Drag & drop any standard audio file into ProVerb’s waveform display to add your own spaces.
  • Industry-leading processor-efficient performance.
  • Heavily optimized for real-time adjustment of all parameters, with no waiting for recalculations.
  • Quickly sculpt your sound with predelay, damping, EQ and four wet/dry mix modes.
  • Unique Dynamic Mix feature automatically "ducks" the wet signal as the dry input signal rises.
  • Supports surround (both stereo-to-surround and surround-to-surround).

Mac OS X plug-in formats

  • RTAS
  • Audio Units
  • VST3
  • MAS*

*If you own Digital Performer (version 6 or later), you do not need to purchase the MasterWorks Collection because the Digital Performer-native MAS versions of these plug-ins are already included with DP. If you own DP Version 5 or earlier, upgrade to the latest version of DP to obtain the MasterWorks Collection (MAS only).

If you own Digital Performer, but you would also like to use the MasterWorks plug-ins in other hosts such as Pro Tools, Logic, etc., then you need to purchase the MasterWorks Collection to obtain the RTAS, VST, and Audio Unit versions of the plug-ins.

If you own AudioDesk, you can either purchase the MasterWorks Collection (requires AudioDesk version 3.2 or higher), or you can upgrade to the latest version of Digital Performer.