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Download version 1.01 now for the latest enhancements, including the ability to import entire impulse response libraries into ProVerb in a single drag-and-drop operation.


A CPU-efficient convolution reverb plug-in that delivers the sound of stunningly realistic acoustic spaces to any track or mix.

Convolution is sampled reverb

Why does convolution sound incredible?

Convolution is a process where the sound of a real acoustic space, such as concert hall or cathedral, is “sampled” (captured) and then faithfully reproduced, down to the last detail and nuance. Because it is sampled, not synthesized, convolution reverb is known for its stunning realism, and it is widely considered to be the best type of reverb that money can buy.

ProVerb delivers convolution reverb to your favorite host software with processor-efficient performance and unique features.

Real acoustic spaces

Dozens of preset acoustic spaces (impulse responses) are included, from halls and stages, to plates and cathedrals. For many presets, you get a sub-menu of different locations within the space. Need a cathedral? Choose your position: the altar, front pew, middle pew, or back row pew. Many presets also offer left, center, and right, so you can spread different elements of your mix.

Why ProVerb sounds better

ProVerb's factory presets sound more rich and acoustically accurate than other convolution reverbs because both the impulse responses (sampled spaces) and the ProVerb convolution engine process four separate channels for stereo processing: two channels (left and right) for the left side and two channels for the right side.


Drag & drop to add your own spaces

Simply drag and drop any standard audio file into ProVerb's waveform display to add your own presets. On the web, there are many acoustic spaces for you to choose from, in the form of "impulse response" (IR) audio files that you can download, either for purchase or for free. ProVerb lets you import multiple IRs — even entire IR libraries — in a single drag and drop operation.

Special effects and sound design

ProVerb can be used as a powerful special effects processor. Again, simply drag and drop any audio onto ProVerb's waveform display and then process audio through it to produce incredible special effects and signature sound design elements. Try just about any audio as an impulse response. Results are unpredictable and often simply incredible.

Sound design

Sculpt in real time

ProVerb is heavily optimized so that all parameters can be adjusted in real time, even when modifying the impulse response waveform. What might take 10-15 seconds in other products occurs almost immediately in ProVerb, as you adjust the parameter. Quickly sculpt your sound with predelay, damping, four bands of EQ, and wet/dry mix.

Dynamic mixing

ProVerb includes a unique Dynamic Mix feature that automatically "ducks" the wet signal as the dry input signal rises, then raises the wet mix as the dry signal level subsides. Properly tuned, this feature allows a "wetter" mix while retaining intelligibility of the input signal. Threshold, sensitivity and strength settings are provided, allowing the feature to function just like a mix engineer expertly "riding" the wet/dry mix control during playback.

Stereo audio example

Here is an example of Proverb:

Surround support

ProVerb supports six different channel format variations, including mono-to-stereo, stereo-to-stereo, and even stereo-to-surround and surround-to-surround. ProVerb is an advanced convolution reverb processor suitable for even the most demanding surround mixing and sound design applications.

ProVerb convolution reverb plug-in