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MasterWorks Collection — Masterfully crafted plug-in processing for your audio

Download version 1.01 now for the latest enhancements, including the ability to import entire impulse response libraries into ProVerb in a single drag-and-drop operation.

MasterWorks EQ

Inspired by British analogue console EQs, the MasterWorks EQ gives you the look, feel, and sound of the most sought-after classic equalizers.

Graphic editing with real-time FFT

Get a bird's-eye view and hands-on editing of all seven filters. Drag control points and filter width (Q) bars to dial in settings interactively as you listen. Show and hide filter curves and other elements in the display to focus when needed. You can also view a real-time FFT display of the audio material being EQ'd to immediately see the effects of the filter on the frequency content of your audio.

Seven filters

Each of the seven EQ filters is clearly indicated by a unique color. Create highly customized filtering for even the most demanding situations. Two mid bands each include a shelf filter option, and the two outside bands provide high-pass and low-pass filtering with variable slopes from a flexible range of 6 to 36 dB per octave.

Four EQ styles

Each center-frequency band provides four EQ types that represent current popular EQ styles and vintage analog EQ styles alike. These filter types faithfully model the magic of analog equalization, and they've been carefully crafted and meticulously engineered to produce musical results in a wide variety of applications.

Modeled gain and Q behavior

Each filter type uniquely handles the dynamic interaction between Gain and Q. This crucial relationship has been modeled to emulate the smooth and musical character of classic analog EQ circuits, in which the gain/Q dependency was dictated by the actual circuit design and electrical components used. The resulting filter types exhibit astonishing versatility, from minor corrective tasks to highly creative applications.

MasterWorks EQ
  • Type I — provides the most precision, with the least interaction between gain and Q. A smooth, yet precise modern EQ.
  • Type II — produces constant Q response during boost or cut, emulating classic consoles. Good for controlling resonance on drums and percussion tracks.
  • Type III — this style emulates the classic Neve EQs, their modern derivatives, and later SSL G series EQs. Many current popular boutique hardware EQs exhibit this same gain/Q relationship.
  • Type IV — a more extreme form of Type III, this filter exhibits a high degree of interaction between Q and gain in order to maintain as closely as possible an equal amount of area under the response curve as gain is adjusted. Ideal for any applications where subtle changes in the overall character of the sound are desired.

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