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MasterWorks Collection — Masterfully crafted plug-in processing for your audio

Download version 1.01 now for the latest enhancements, including the ability to import entire impulse response libraries into ProVerb in a single drag-and-drop operation.

MasterWorks Leveler

A uniquely accurate model of the legendary Teletronix™ LA-2A optical leveling amplifier. Bring this coveted classic compressor to your host audio software.

Classic automatic gain control

The MasterWorks Leveler is an accurate model of the legendary Teletronix™ LA-2A optical leveling amplifier, known for its unique, coveted Automatic Gain Control (AGC) characteristics.

Your silver bullet: the T4 module

Conventional compression and limiting with threshold, attack, ratio, and release do not apply here: the heart of the LA-2A is the T4 opto-coupler, a photoelectric device with almost magical (signal dependent) self-adjusting behavior that makes optical compressors the tool of choice for top engineers worldwide.

Hardware modeling at its finest

During the Leveler's extensive R&D cycle, our engineers discovered response characteristics in the T4 module that are simply not accurately reflected in other LA-2A models on the market.
In fact, the MasterWorks Leveler model is so accurate, you need to give the plug-in a minute to warm up and "settle in" to its fully operational state, just like the real hardware! A menu option lets you save the "warm" state, without waiting.

MasterWorks Leveler
Apply MasterWorks Leveler to any audio

Apply to just about anything

Use MasterWorks Leveler to smooth out just about any audio material, from vocals to bass guitar to full-program mixes, without destroying perceived dynamics. Thanks to incredibly high CPU-efficient performance, you can apply the Leveler as needed to the elements of your mix.

MasterWorks Leveler controls

Authentic controls for authentic sound

The MasterWorks Leveler controls match the front panel of the original LA-2A: Gain Reduction and Makeup Gain knobs, along with Limiter and Compressor buttons, plus an accurately modeled VU meter that adheres to IEC standards. Identical controls for identical results...

MasterWorks Leveler models

Actually, it's four models in one

The LA-2A evolved over the years, producing slightly different characteristics in each generation, so the MasterWorks Leveler also provides four different LA-2A models: Slow Vintage, Fast Vintage, Slow Modern, and Fast Modern.

MasterWorks Leveler plug-in