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MX4 Layers (QuickTime 1.5MB)
This is a video of four instances of MX4 played in real-time.

MX4 Layers (MP3 1.8MB)
Audio-only version of above link.



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MX4 - Multi-synth for MAS, RTAS and AU

MX4 Overview

MX4 version 2.2.1 is now available as a free, downloadable update for all registered MX4 users. This maintenance update provides compatibility with (and is required for) Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

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Meet the new instrument plug-in powerhouse for your studio. Inspired by legendary subtractive synthesizers, MX4 combines several core synthesis techniques in a unified, hybrid synthesis engine that delivers fresh and vintage sounds alike.

As you explore its many banks and hundreds of presets, you'll soon rely on MX4 as your "go-to" instrument. Fat basses, nasty leads, analog pads, vintage electronica — it's all at your fingertips and conveniently saved with your host application projects for instant recall.

MX4 screenshot

Tweaking sounds is fast and easy with clearly presented controls in one window — but with a depth and sophistication true synth programmers will appreciate. Create your music with pristine 32-bit sound quality, unlimited voices and unlimited polyphony (as much as your host computer allows). MX4's flexible programming and advanced modulation architecture provide the intimacy of a vintage synth, the flexibility of a modular synth, and the innovation of a virtual synth.

modulation activity is displayed
directly on the parameter