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V4HD — HD and SD video I/O for Mac and Windows

Laptop Operation

Are you thinking about doing field capture with a laptop, or editing on the go with a laptop-based system? Thanks to FireWire, the V4HD opens the door to a world of possibilities for laptop systems.

Most current and late-generation Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro computers are equipped with FireWire (either 400, 800 or both). Most PC laptops are equipped with built-in 4-pin FireWire 400. In both cases, the V4HD gives you plug-and-play broadcast-quality capture and monitoring. With the enormous performance gains seen in laptop technology, these compact computers are now powerful enough to easily capture and play back both HD and uncompressed SD video. You can essentially build a complete capture/edit system that fits in a backpack.

There's another major benefit for using FireWire connectivity to a laptop. Using FireWire for Video I/O frees up the PC card slot on your laptop for professional-grade video storage solutions. Expresscard-based storage solutions offer enough storage space and access speed to support the most demanding HD and uncompressed SD workflows.

Alternatively, depending on your workflow, you can daisy-chain a FireWire 800 hard drive on the same bus as the V4HD connected to the computer via FireWire 800. This option offers compact, portable yet large-scale storage.