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V4HD — HD and SD video I/O for Mac and Windows

Stand-alone Operation

Conversion and distribution

When you unplug FireWire, the V4HD turns into a complete stand-alone video conversion and distribution device. Use the convenient front panel LCD to choose one of the video inputs on its rear panel as the current video source. This signal is then distributed to all video outputs, both HD and SD, thanks to the V4HD's hardware-accelerated SD-to-HD up-conversion and HD-to-SD down-conversion. If the incoming signal is a film rate (23.976), the V4HD applies pull-down insertion to convert to NTSC.

Front panel control

The V4HD front panel LCD is easy to navigate, so you can get to the settings you need quickly and easily.

There are four main menus: Setup, Video, Audio and CueMix. Press the MENU button repeatedly to cycle through them. Then just use the PAGE buttons to access each setting in the chosen menu. Simple! You can even program the on-board audio mixer from the LCD.

Stand-alone audio mixing

As a state-of-the-art video interface, the V4HD offers an unprecedented level of audio features, including a complete on-board 32x32 digital mixer. You can program the mix settings from the on-screen CueMix software and then disconnect the computer and operate the V4HD as a stand-alone mixer. All mix settings are maintained. Need to tweak a mix setting? No problem. You can quickly access the setting in the CueMix LCD menu.

CueMix Console