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Start planning your world tour. MachFive's seven instruments sound so realistic, it's like having your own band.

A complete rhythm section

MachFive’s signature instruments deliver a complete rhythm section to your desktop studio

  • Telematic
  • J Bass
  • The Upright
  • F Grand 278
  • Mark 79
  • Star Drums
  • Percussiv'

Updated soundbank libraries

Numerous enhancements with a smaller disk footprint

MachFive 3’s included soundbank libraries have been updated to provide better scripting and smaller, more efficient file sizes. They are backward compatible with your existing projects. In addition, these updated UFS files are now available for download:

Download MachFive 3 soundbank library updates »

Scripting technology

Like a real player, MachFive’s scripted instruments add expressive nuance

MachFive 3 instruments faithfully reproduce the sound of real acoustic and electric instruments. Thanks to MachFive’s new scripting technology, they can also reproduce playing characteristics of the instrument, such as finger picking, string hammer-ons, note bending, and even chord strumming. MachFive even knows and plays the proper fingerings and inversions for guitar chords, regardless of how you play them on your keyboard or other MIDI controller. It’s like having a professional player in the studio with you, adding expression, depth and realism to your tracks.


Stunningly realistic electric guitar

Telematic is a dynamic recreation of the Fender® Telecaster™ electric guitar consisting of 9,500 samples, five velocity layers, 4 round robin samples per note, separate up and down strokes, hammer on, pull off, slides up and down, mutes, fret noises, and just about every playing technique you can make with a guitar. Advanced features include chord recognition, an advanced strumming engine, chord sequencing, automatic hand position and string detection in solo mode, and more. As with all of MachFive’s included scripted instruments, you can visit the Info tab to learn how to take full advantage of this incredibly deep and expressive instrument.

J Bass

Expertly sampled and scripted electric bass

J-Bass provides a deeply sampled electric bass with a variety of playing techniques: finger and pick (with or without muting from the right hand), legato, hammer, and slide. Harmonics are also provided. Pick volume can be controlled independently. Amp cabinet simulation is included, along with a host of additional settings for adjusting the sound. This is a meticulously sampled instrument with tons of control, so you can fine-tune it to suit your exact needs.

The Upright

World-class acoustic upright bass

As its name implies, The Upright is an upright acoustic bass instrument. Like the other scripted instruments included with MachFive, multiple micing positions are provided: overheads, bass (near the ƒ-hole) and a pickup mic (under the left side of the bridge). This gives you a lot of flexibility in creating a wide range of sounds and styles for this instrument. All of the playing styles and techniques you need can be produced with settings for hammer, slide, legato, slap, release volume, sensitivity and other settings.

F Grand 278

Expertly crafted Fazioli concert grand

The Fazioli grand piano is one of the most respected piano instruments ever created. F Grand 278 puts the sound of the Fazioli at your fingertips. Shape the sound of the instrument with controls for release volume, pedal volume, key noises, resonance volume (the sound of the body of the piano), reverb (room ambience), velocity sensitivity, and velocity amplification.

Mark 79

Richly-sampled classic electric piano

Mark 79 pays homage to perhaps the most revered electric piano instrument of all time: the Fender® Rhodes™ Mark II suitcase from 1979. The library consists of 2,500 samples (7.5 GB) programmed across ten velocity layers. Advanced features include time-based release samples for accurate staccato sound, resonance, and “noise” samples for the pedal and keys. Effects include autopan, tremolo, spring reverb, distortion, and amp simulation.

Star Drums

A complete drum set in both acoustic and processed versions with multiple mics and mixing

Star Drums is a meticulously recorded acoustic drum kit captured with world-class microphones in a variety of miking positions around the kit. Separate presets provide dry and processed versions, with or without multiple output operation. Each preset offers multiple mic positions, which you can sub-mix using volume and pan controls. This is an incredibly versatile drum kit: with judicious use of the mixing features, you can dial in the perfect drum kit sound for any mix. Advanced features include adjustable sample cycling (for ultra-realistic repeat hits, such as closed hi-hat patterns) and default MIDI mapping for general MIDI, V-Drums and other industry standard drum controllers.


Complete latin/world percussion set

This library provides comprehensive latin percussion to flesh out your desktop studio rhythm section and add ethnic flavor and panache to your rhythm tracks. General MIDI and default mappings are provided. You can also customize the mappings using MIDI Learn.

More instruments

Expand your instrument repertoire

We worked closely with our friends at acousticsamples.net to develop MachFive 3's cutting-edge scripted instruments. If you are hungry for more, check out the many additional libraries available from this premiere acoustic sound library developer.