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MachFive — The universal sampler for creative music production


MachFive 3: It could be the last virtual instrument you'll ever need.

Browsing and searching made easy

Find the proverbial needle in a haystack…in seconds

With a universe of sounds at your fingertips, finding exactly the right preset might seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. But MachFive's multi-column browser makes it quick and easy, with intuitive disk and library browsing. Type a word into the search field and up pops all related presets, which you can audition as you click. Load presets into multiple parts without closing the browser — a huge time-saver.

Updated soundbank libraries

Numerous enhancements with a smaller disk footprint

MachFive 3’s included soundbank libraries have been updated to provide better scripting and smaller, more efficient file sizes. They are backward compatible with your existing projects. In addition, these updated UFS files are now available for download:

Download MachFive 3 soundbank library updates »

Universal Loops & Instruments

Your go-to sound bank for hundreds of instrument presets and loops

This sound bank provides 6 GB of multi-sample instruments, synth instruments, loops, and phrases. You’ll find plenty of drum loops, acoustic drum kits, electronic drum kits, acoustic pianos, electric pianos, church organs, electric organs, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, strings, brass, woodwinds, synths, ethnic instruments, voices, percussion, sound design, sound effects, and more. Of all the included sound banks, Universal Loops & Instruments is the most versatile collection of sounds, spanning a wide variety of musical genres, eras, geographical regions, and cultural styles. If you are looking for variety, this is the place to start.

Attention MachFive 3 users: download the updated Universal Loops & Instruments library here »

MachFive Biosphere™

Fresh, rich synth textures with macro controls

Sweeping arpeggiations. Enveloping atmospheres. Soaring leads. Anthem stacks. Resonant pads. These are fresh new sounds developed by today's leading programmers to ignite your imagination and set your creativity aloft. MachFive Biosphere presets include macro controls for quickly transforming the factory preset into your own unique creation.

MachFive 3 Biosphere sounds showcase
MachFive 3 Biosphere Housephere
MachFive 3 Biosphere Industrial

X-Treme FX™

5,000 creative FX for music production
and sound design

Xtreme FX™ is an 8 GB bonus sound library from UltimateSoundbank.com that puts 5,000 creative sound FX, foley effects, and provocative textures at your fingertips. From car crashes to space storms, you'll find sounds and textures perfect for your music productions and sound design projects alike.

Macro controls

Load a sound, then add your own unique twist

MachFive sounds have deep programming, but macro controls give you direct, instant access to the sound's most crucial and interesting parameters. Twist a macro knob and the result may surprise you. In fact, macros can even control many parameters at once, to completely transform the sound with a simple twist. Create your own unique sounds in seconds. Sound design has never been this easy and fun!

Deep synthesis

Mix, match, and layer twelve forms of synthesis

Synthesis intro

Synthesis intro

MachFive's all-new synth engine produces twelve different forms of synthesis, from classic additive and subtractive, to frequency modulation (FM) and wavetable. Feeling adventurous? Try MachFive's granular synthesis engine, developed by the world-famous IRCAM research institute in Paris, France. You get most of the milestone synthesis techniques developed over the last 40 years, all together under one roof, where you can combine sampling and synthesis, or synthesis and synthesis. So break out your synth programming chops and get ready to rumble.

FM oscillator

Play Video

Drum oscillator

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Wavetable oscillator

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Analog stack oscillator

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Granular synthesis oscillator

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Create your own synth patches

Synth programming at its finest
— with all the tools you need

Watch this brief tutorial to see how easy it is to build complex synth patches in MachFive in just minutes. If you are a sound designer, you'll fly through new patches like never before. If you're new to synth programming, you'll feel like an expert when you see how easy it is to sound so good — an unique — with your own synth sound creations.


It's time to get a little down and dirty

Noise is the 'dirt' of audio. And sometimes, getting a little dirty is a good thing. That's why MachFive provides a dedicated noise oscillator. But we didn't just supply run-of-the-mill white and pink noise. MachFive's noise oscillator gives you an impressive eleven different types of noise, including violet, blue, brown, Lorenz, Rossler, and sample-and-hold noise. Each one sounds surprisingly unique, giving you a broad palette from which to go forth and filthify.

Universal sample library support

Use sounds from any other sampler, from today or yesteryear

MachFive 3 directly loads every major sample format. From Giga to EXS, SampleCell to Kontakt, Apple Loops to REX files, all major 3rd-party formats load without any conversion, saving you tons of time and headache. You can even load disc-based formats like Roland S-700 or Kurzweil K2xxx. Load right off the CD, or make disk images of them to access the sounds without the CD in your drive. MachFive offers you the chance to finally consolidate all of your sample formats into a single, convenient front-end.

Loops and phrases

Load, edit, and play loops tempo-synced with your host

MachFive's loop editing is like a dream come true. Drag and drop loops from your desktop or host, and edit them destructively or non-destructively — your choice. Trigger the loop to play from a MIDI note at any tempo or pitch, or in tempo with other loops and/or your host software. You can also trigger loops from your host transport controls, with numerous trigger options. Slice beat-based loops and trigger individual slices from your MIDI controller. Export as audio or MIDI data. From start to finish, MachFive gives you all the tools you need to create and play killer loops.

Effects processing

A massive 'special effects' arsenal for your sounds

Start with a plain, simple sound. Add a delay, a filter, and some reverb, and...magic happens. Effects processing is an absolutely essential component of sound design. Effects can be applied to channels, aux busses, and the master fader, just like a conventional mixing console. But for sound design, effects can also be applied directly to all of the components used to build sounds in MachFive: keygroups, layers, programs (presets), program aux busses, and parts. As many as you want: delays, filters, amp sims, chorusing... they all play a powerful role in sound design. Of course, you can save the effects as part of the program.

IR Verb™ convolution reverb

Real acoustic spaces, hardware classics, and special effects

IR Verb™ delivers the pristine sound of real acoustic spaces. Browse dozens of presets, including studio rooms, concert halls, auditoriums, stadiums and cathedrals. But IR Verb™ also delivers the sound of many classic, highly-coveted studio reverbs that until now could only be found in world-class recording studios. IR Verb™ also supplies dozens of impulse responses (captured samples) of vintage spring and plate reverbs from the 50's, 60's and 70's. You can also use impulse responses (IRs) for sound design. MachFive provides many sound design presets, or you can drag and drop to load your own and then edit the IR waveform directly — a feature exclusive to MachFive — for unlimited sound design possibilities.

New in version 3.1


Synthetic reverb — with a unique twist

SparkVerb is a highly advanced synthetic reverb that focuses on sound quality and maximum control of essential parameters. What makes it unique? A feedback delay network with modulated delays and three-band control of the decay rate. Plus, you get explicit control of detune in cents. The result? Stratospheric choruses, resonant unisons, and lush ambiances. An input diffusion stage helps increase short-term echo density, which can be especially useful when applied to rhythmic material. SparkVerb is efficient and versatile, with intuitive controls to quickly mould room size and shape. Browse dozens of presets, and use them as a good starting point for your own creations.

New in version 3.1

Ensemble 505™

A classic analog hardware effect reborn

Ensemble 505 is deeply inspired by the ensemble circuit found on the Roland Paraphonic RS-505. Through examination of circuit schematics and measurements taken on a working unit, the specific behavior of the BBD delay lines, modulator shapes, and signal path found in the original have all been faithfully reproduced. The result is a very smooth and “analogish” ensemble effect that can be used with a wide variety of sounds, from raw synth waveforms to voices, choirs and even drum loops.

Filters, Filters, and more Filters

You simply can't have enough filters and MachFive's got 'em in spades

MachFive provides dozens of filters. And when it comes to filters: the filthier, the better. MachFive provides adjustable filter resonance, which can be automated and modulated. Still not enough? Apply filter drive in three different flavors: analog, mild, and strong. Need even more? Make your sound more filthy than dirt itself with 2x, 4x, 8x, or 16x oversampling.

Xpander Filter

The mother of all filters

MachFive's unique Xpander multi-mode filter, based on the classic Oberheim Xpander analog synthesizer, has 37 different modes, each a separate filter in its own right. This is an order 4 Moog ladder-style filter with built-in saturation and oversampling. Xpander broadens the number of modes found in the original Oberheim and analog variants by Doepfer.

All together now

Combine everything seamlessly

It's been said that the most radical thing we can do as human beings is to introduce people to each other. With MachFive, you can do the same with all of your sound design elements. Combine instruments and tempo-synced loops. Layer synth oscillators with sample-based parts. Add effects like delays, filters, and chorus and amp simulators. Mix them all together as a single instrument preset which you can save, reload, and even share with your friends and colleagues. The beauty of MachFive is that it is designed to help you combine sound design elements in ways never before conceived, until now.