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User Stories

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"In a broadcast environment where reliability is of utmost importance, the V3HD has been serving us well. It has served us so well in fact that we purchased a second unit for a new project! We are using the V3HD as a standalone up/down converter to feed our HD router on two sources 24/7 and so far, there hasn't even been a need to reboot it. It just works well. Great product!"

John Gonzalez
Sr. Manager Digital Media
WNBC News Channel 4
New York City

"The V3HD came along at the perfect time for Mountain Lake PBS. We had four Final Cut Pro workstations (previously DV only) that all required the ability to digitize from XDCAM, HDV and SD component sources in a three-week period. We chose a universal codec and with minimal training or familiarization, our editors were able to plug the V3HD into the Firewire port and go! Our project came in on time with great results.

As time passed we just kept throwing more variations at the V3HD: up-conversion, down-conversion, SD digitizing, HD digitizing, monitoring, even stand-alone conversion. And every time someone looked at all the inputs on the back of the box they just said, 'Wow!' "

Colin Powers
Director of Production and Programming
Mountain Lake PBS
Plattsburgh, New York

"We are a small boutique video production shop. We have two Final Cut systems and three Media100 systems. But we weren't happy with the performance and I/O options for the latest Media100 systems, so we were looking closely at changing them over to Final Cut. But the lack of a good, versatile SD/HD break-out box was a major hold up. We don't own any HD stuff yet, but it looks like we will land a multi-camera project next spring for a pharmaceutical client, and the V3HD seemed like it would be a perfect fit for the post end. So we purchased a V3HD and absolutely love it.

The workflow ease of the V3 makes it a no-brainer. And it is small enough to be portable for remote productions. It has the upgrade path for HD, yet performs well for our current SD needs. All former Media100 users are in a similar pickle about where to go. The V3HD actually helped bridge all our concerns about moving to Final Cut Pro. And I have to tell you, as far a gear goes, the V3HD shows well to clients -- it looks like a hi-tech piece that belongs in a pro edit bay."

Bill Coons
Creative Dynamics Studio
Elk Grove Village, IL

"We recently had the opportunity to try out the new V3HD FireWire video interface while preparing for several remote broadcasts, one in standard definition NTSC, and another in 1080i60 high definition. In both cases we used a G4 PowerBook and external SATA drives. Input to the V3HD was via SDI and HD-SDI with embedded audio, while time code was brought in via the unit's LTC connection.

There's a wealth of information provided on the front of the V3HD and in the product's software interface, and I soon felt comfortable with the process. At first we used manual settings to control the box, and everything was straightforward. For our recordings we used Final Cut Pro 5.1.4, and the provided V3HD Easy Setups within Final Cut made the process easy. We also tested the unit with Divergent Media's Scopebox software on the Mac, and it interfaced very well.

For such a brand new product I was pleased with how well the hardware and software behaved. We had one minor time code issue and called MOTU tech support. There was no wait time and the technician was helpful and knowledgeable. In short order MOTU contacted me with a new firmware update that resolved it. A good sign that this is a company committed to high standards and customer service.

Picture and accompanying audio where fantastic and the V3HD fit comfortably and seamlessly into our workflow. This is an extremely well thought out product that both our production and digital screening divisions can make good use of."

David Smith
Visionsmith Television
Digital Screening Systems